We are, this month, focusing on depression, a chronic disease that afflicts millions, including our family, neighbors and friends. We don’t talk much about depression in our churches, and many feel as if admitting to suffering depression occasionally or chronically (ongoing) is also an admission of a lack of faith in God. It isn’t. God knows and loves us. We are wonderfully and uniquely made by Him and in His image.

Like every other disease or disability, suffering—emotional and physical—is part of our human experience. But God’s grace is sufficient to help us overcome life’s challenges (2 Cor 12:7-10).

Our friend and designer, Rev. Christopher Priest, has posted a moving testimony about his own battle with depression at PraiseNet.Org.

We have posted some key symptoms of clinical depression on the back of this bulletin. You can find more information here. If you or someone you know are experiencing these life conditions, please seek help. Please talk to somebody, please call us.

Ben and Wanda Anderson
Pastors, September 2014

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