The Missional Church

S olid Rock Christian Center is a living missional outreach. Missional means to be like Christ and to be an ambassador for Him. We strive to do that not just in church but everywhere we go. Being missional involves breaking out of our old mindset and ways of thinking and seeking to move with God as He directs us. Instead of creating programs in hope of attracting people to church (an attractional model), we go where the people are (a missional model). Our goal is to understand culturally their way of thinking so that we can better relate the Gospel to them. Not ” instant evangelism” but genuine concern and friendship. Paul alludes to this missional model when he states, “I have become all things to all men that I might save some.” (I Cor 9:22)

What is ur biblical model? Did Jesus simply hang out at the synagogue and hope for people to wander in? Or are the pages of the Gospels filled with examples of Jesus out in the community? Did He spend His time exclusively with religious people? Are we relating to, and spending sufficient time with, our non-Christian co-worker .. our non-Christian neighbor .. our non-Christian bridge partner, our non-Christian coffee buddy, non-Christian sports team, parents and youth?

Are we intimately involved with our culture or are we isolated? Are we connecting with other people (non believers) or are we a clique? Too much of what we see is Christians who only have Christian friends and spend most or all of our time at church.

Becoming missional will not be easy. We will have to leave some of our tried and true methods behind. We will also have to leave some of our language behind or at least find a way to say what we believe in intelligible sentences. We will have to learn the language of our culture. We will need to establish loving relationships with diverse people. We will need to change.

The world outside our window is the vineyard in which we, as believers in Christ, work. It’s easier to care about people in the abstract, as a faceless crowd of unknowns we shout bible verses at, than it is to simply knock on your neighbor’s door. God has called the Solid Rock Christian Center to promote social justice and peace, demonstrate compassion and eradicate poverty as tangible expressions of the Kingdom of God through the vehicle of community service and economic development. We subscribe to the idea that community development is a liberation process aimed at Economic Empowerment, Social Empowerment and Community Transformation.

“I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the LORD of hosts.” — Isaiah 45:13

Pastor Ben