The Gift of Giving

Not every gift is of equal value. Not all seed is productive. God is not impressed by size but by sincerity. Scripture teaches us we should not give reluctantly, unwillingly or ungenerously. We also should not give with a greedy desire to have more. Additionally, the word instructs us not to give out of “necessity, imposed either by the circumstances, or by law of duty or requirement.” So, then how should we give? We should give to produce a productive seed. Most of us desire God to bless and multiply us financially, but we don’t sow a productive seed that will produce a harvest.

To produce a productive seed of giving our giving should be generous, plentiful, abundant, bountifully, epi eulogia, which implies “unto a blessing” or “consecration.” Why, because it activates the spiritual law and principle of sowing and reaping. Whatever you sow, that you will definitely reap! It’s a spiritual law established by God to provide order in the kingdom. Our giving should be done willingly, cheerfully happily, joyfully and gladly. It is an act of service and ministry, a service or ministry of the priests relative to the prayers and sacrifices offered to God. Our giving supplies the needs of God’s people and God’s work. It expresses our thanks to God. It glorifies God.

God’s promise of productivity is a generous, plentiful, abundant and productive return. He will give sufficiency “in all things at all times having all that you need….” a perfect condition of life in which no aid or support is needed, sufficiency of the necessities of life, a mind contented with its lot. God will supply seed, “minister bread.” He will be a chorus leader to procure and supply all things necessary to fit out a chorus. God will increase and multiply your seed. He will cause our harvest to grow, to increase and become greater. We will be richly furnished and provided for.

Begin looking at your tithes and offerings as an investment into God’s work and not as a bill that must be paid! It’s time for the Church to step out of the ordinary of the world and into the ordinary of Scriptures!

Pastors Ben and Wanda Anderson
March, 2014