Breaking Through the Ground

Would I ever bring this nation to the point of birth and then not deliver it?” asks the Lord. “No! I would never keep this nation from being born,” says your God. –Isaiah 66:9 NLT

What is God saying in His word; He is asking who understands the complexity of birthing and planting? Who understands the miracle of birth? He is responsible for the birth and delivery of his promise. He will always bring forth in you the promises and purposes He has planted in you. God has the power to speed up or slow down the process of His promise, but the breakthrough is guaranteed.

God says, what I have birthed in you; I will bring it to pass. That seed you are carrying—that vision, revived dream, that knowing you can’t put your finger on, that prayer you’ve been praying—is my seed inside the ground. It shall produce and you shall experience your breakthrough.

Try not to confuse your ability to endure the pain of your breakthrough with your worth as a person. God has ordained this process. When God has planted the seed of promise in you, you can’t stop it until it is complete. When you prayed for deliverance, God spoke to the seed inside of you. When you asked God to take you higher in Him, He increased the capacity of your seed. When you asked God to reveal the deeper meaning of His word to you, He multiplied the fruit of your seed. When you asked God to make your life better, your seed died to live and break through the ground. All of these processes requires pain and endurance.

Your release is in the birth canal. God says your breakthrough is imminent, just around the corner. Your breakthrough is at hand. In a moment, I will lift your burdens and release your blessings. God is not a respecter of persons when it comes to people, so is it also with His blessings. Blessings of the Holy Spirit include wisdom, knowledge, understanding, finance, career, increase of spiritual gifts and different types of healings.

God was stating he would never bring Israel to the point of receiving all that he had promised her and never allow Israel to experience it. God does not start something and leave it unfinished. For Paul stated, in Romans 4:21, that, Abraham being fully persuaded that what God had promised and started, He was also able to perform.

This is a cause for rejoicing in the midst of the pain of your patience. This pain is caused by pressure that is being exerted through the Word of God that must produce what it has spoken. I lift my hands in praise and give Him glory because nothing can hold back my promise, not even the hardest concrete.

Ben and Wanda Anderson
Pastors, September 2015