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“Children are a real challenge. They speak their own language. They have their own priorities, keep their win schedules. Children process more, learn faster and create stronger, more intimate and enduring relationships than grown-ups do. They understand faith. They are full love hope and bursting with love—all things many of us spend a lifetime learning to do. Leading our children and teens to an enduring and in-depth relationship with Jesus Christ is one of our most vital ministries.”

“Jesus knows your name,”

our Children's ministry teaches, “and He’s calling you. How will you answer?” Solid Rock Christian Center's approach to Children (ages 4-12) and Youth ministry (teen years) centers around linguistics. Kids speak their own language. They develop at their own pace and on their own timetable. For a child, the world is a very big and very demanding place. Teaching them, seeing to their needs, requires time, patience, and an understanding that, more often than not, our language, our way of processing and learning, is not theirs. The Christian experience was never intended to be one-size-fits-all. There are special gifts with special anointing for specific purposes. Leading our children and teens to an enduring and in-depth relationship with Jesus Christ is one of our most vital ministries.

Our Values

We want to spend our lives getting to know the One who chose death so that we could have life. Understanding God’s love for us—His unchanging, unconditional, unbelievable, intimate and personal love. Figuring out what it means to love him back. Learning how we can express that love to him. Letting our love for Jesus shape our lives. It’s all about listening to what God says in the bible. Worshipping him with everything we’ve got. Serving the people Jesus cares about, especially the least, the last, and the lost.

We reflect on His Kingdom
We want everything about us to reflect Jesus. We want to have Jesus brand lives, Jesus brand hearts, Jesus brand words, Jesus brand actions. We want to love each other, our families, our friends, and even our enemies the way Jesus does. We want to serve the same kinds of people Jesus served: the poor, hopeless, isolated, lonely, and lost.

We respond with obedience
Jesus knows your name, and he’s calling you. How will you answer? We’ve got a choice to make, and it’s all or nothing. God created each of us for an awesome purpose, and he’s ready to lead us into a glorious destiny. Will we pursue it, and him, even if we have to abandon everything else? If we will, God will transform our lives, and use us to change the lives of our friends, our families, and everyone we come in contact with.

About Our Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry exists to help students become fully devoted followers of Christ, Reflect his kingdom, Respond with Passion to his personal call, and live out the God-ordained destiny He has planned for them.

Our goal is to assist our youth in developing a committed relationship to Christ, one that allows their love, obedience and devotion to Him to be an example to the world.

Our mission is to empower our youth to impact the world through their relationships with Christ.

Our Vision For Youth Ministry

  • Recognize that Youth Ministry must be owned by and integrated into all parts of the church community.
  • Provide a Christian environment where children and youth are welcomed, heard, valued, nurtured and supported both personally and spiritually as equals in the congregations, and in the community beyond the church.
  • Provide leadership development for leaders in the church to enable this vision.
  • Provide leadership opportunities of children and young teens themselves that nurture both their leadership skills and spirituality.
  • Provide programs and opportunities with a perspective that develops and encourages mission and outreach awareness and participation of children and young teens both in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.
  • Respect, value, and ensure Youth Ministry while recognizing and valuing the gifts their ministries bring to the whole church.
  • Encourages worship that inspires children and youth participation and spiritual development.
  • Ensures appropriate and safe pastoral care for children and young teens including those outside of church membership, especially in times of change, challenge and crisis. This care recognizes the diversity of our life experiences, and commitment to the inclusion of children and their families.
  • Honor and respect all expressions of faith that are searching and questioning, and which draw from and challenge our traditions and historical faith in God and Jesus Christ, so that we can be both rooted and dynamic.

“And I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the LORD: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God: for they shall return unto me with their whole heart.” — Jeremiah 2:7

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