Daughters of Destiny


“There is enormous power in the eyes of a woman. In her smile. In her warmth and approval. She is, more often than not, a creature of emotion while he is a creature of often tortured logic, a logic that attempts to subjugate or repress emotions she can easily see and access, withering him with a simple glance. Claiming him if she is wise, dominating him if she is able. She fights the war on a different plane: one he has difficulty massing his troops upon.”

They are our sisters.

Our mothers. Our aunts, cousins, daughters and nieces. They are our friends. Perhaps the most complex and exhilarating of all of God's creations, the woman is both a work of art and a veil of mystery. Our ministry to women speaks her language and understand the needs and challenges of today's woman. We exist to share, first with the women of the church and, ultimately with the women of the community, an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, a mutually nurturing relationship with women of other ages and stages in their Christian walk, and to cultivate tangible transformation in the personal, spiritual, physical, financial and emotional lives of women. We achieve this through the study and application of God’s Word, through active prayer and through building relationships among intergenerational small groups by way of consistent fellowship.

Our Goals For Women's Ministry

  • To let each woman know that she is a precious daughter of the Most High God.
  • To communicate love and acceptance, and not judgment and condemnation.
  • To give positive reinforcement and encouragement to each other’s dreams and goals.
  • To cultivate in each woman an active prayer life and Bible reading time.
  • To encourage each woman to begin chronicling her journey.
  • To develop transparent friendships, accountability partnerships and prayer relationships among the church women.
  • To create an environment where each woman feels safe and protected so that emotional and spiritual vulnerability can occur regularly during discussions and fellowship time.
  • To build real connectivity among and between the women of the church and the women of the community that we will be impacting.
  • To begin to take responsibility for the spiritual well-being of our sisters through prayer, telephone contact, periodic outings, e-mail correspondence, and by other reasonable means.
  • To identify and help accelerate the divine destiny in each woman as she begins to realize her purpose, calling, gifts, talents, skills, abilities and dreams.

“The daughters of Zelophehad speak right: thou shalt surely give them a possession of an inheritance among their father's brethren; and thou shalt cause the inheritance of their father to pass unto them.” — Numbers 27:7

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