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Marriages are the foundation of families.

God established marriage as a covenant to provide believers
with a picture of Christ's love and relationship to His church (Eph­e­sians 5:22-33; Revelation 21:2, 9). There are few life situations that test true Christianity more than the intimacy of the marriage relationship. Our marriage ministry seeks to help those who are married or preparing for marriage to be proactive in keeping their relationship strong with Christ as well as each other. You will find the support and en­cour­age­ment you need at Solid Rock Christian Center to help your relationship thrive.

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Discover truth in art.

Unlocking potential in ourselves creates enormous opportunities for personal growth and discovery. God is the Author and Creator of music and arts, and we celebrate each individual gift here at Solid Rock. Our community-focused Creative Arts & Drama Ministry exists to draw out gifts of creative expression including dance, drama, painting, music, songwriting, poetry, and more. All our welcome to participate in this celebration of God's beauty and truth.

Support, teaching,
fellowship & encouragement.

At no time in history is ministry to men in the local church more needed. Effective and life-changing men's groups not only help the men involved but the local church as a whole. Our men's ministry builds Christ-like leaders for their families, church, friends, workplace, and community, ministering to the total man by nurturing him intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually to become a man with a Christ-centered purpose.

It's actually
an ushers ministry.

The purpose of music ministry is to usher the hearer into the presence of God. Our biblical model is a select group of Levites (2 Chronicles 5) who stood around the Ark of The Covenant singing God’s praises day and night. Our Praise and Worship Ministry is comprised of anointed vocalists who believe praise and worship is a way of life and not only for  Sunday morning. Whether it is outside in the park proclaiming the Good News to all, or indoors edifying one another, God honors those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We practice 7:00 PM Wednesdays at our Multipurpose Center.

Unmarried persons present a special

challenge to the church. Single people often have a
vision of what their life might be like with family and children. Divorced persons often struggle with bitterness, loneliness and guilt. Widowed persons exist in a unique category of special need for having suffered a tragic loss. Our singles ministry exists to share God's love with unmarried persons and to create a unique and supportive community designed especially to address their needs.  
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Kingdom building requires a builder.

Every person is gifted by God. Spiritual gifts are innate: qualities and aptitudes which transcend skills or abilities. These gifts are actually tools, provided for a purpose and a season. Jesus taught us we all exist within a window of opportunity to teach, to serve, to invest ourselves in achieving meaningful things for God (Matthew 25). We call this “Kingdom Building.” Every builder needs tools. God has provided what we need to get the job done, and He is invested in us. What are your spiritual gifts and what is the best way to fully use them?

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They are our sisters.

Our mothers. Our aunts, cousins, daughters and nieces. They are our friends. Perhaps the most complex and exhilarating of all of God's creations, the woman is both a work of art and a veil of mystery. Our ministry to women speaks her language and understand the needs and challenges of today's woman.

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Do. Then teach.

Our most important trust is our children. Every day we
compete with influences that shape their thinking and their view of the world. As Christians, our task is to model the love of Jesus Christ and to give that love meaning and substance, especially for curious eyes that observe us and whose understanding of God is based much more on what we do than what we teach. Youth ministry begins with each of us setting a Christian example in private as well as public. At Solid Rock, this precious trust is a top priority.

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