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The average visitor to the average website
looks around the home page for about eight seconds.

That’s all the time we have to tell you who we are and what we’re about, so we’re taking a quick swing at this: we are a non-denominational and non-traditional community of Christian believers who know that Christ can change your life and bring joy to sadness, purpose to emptiness. Visiting a new church can make you nervous: will I fit in? Do they believe what I do? Is there really a place for me and my family here?

Our time’s just about up, but we invite you to continue browsing our site, and let’s discover some answers together. —Pastor Ben     Welcome >

Welcome to the family.

We are a diverse and close-knit family of believers who, through faith in Jesus Christ, have discovered God’s truth, His love and acceptance as we journey with Him, supporting and encouraging one another and passing on God’s complete love for all people.

We gather for worship at 10 am Sundays, and for our Life Application Bible Study 7-8 pm Thursdays. We are located at 2520 Arlington Drive in Colorado Springs, 80910, and can be reached at 719-393-7625 or by clicking here.

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A goldfish can swim a thousand miles and not get anywhere. It’s life is mostly about waiting for dinner.

The Holy Spirit refreshes and renews us, liberates us: takes us places
we’ve never been. We believe life should be amazing, what the bible calls “abundant.” Thrilling, breathtaking, the heart thundering in your chest as you push toward life’s next horizon. We are not trying to sell you religion; religion is merely man’s search for God. What we’re talking about is a relationship: opening ourselves to Someone who knows us intimately and loves us unconditionally. “I have come that they might have life,” Jesus said. “And have it abundantly.” Some translations read, “rich and satisfying.” Thrilling. God knows you. He wants you to know Him.

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What if we made this a verb?
“Finish Love?” “Follow Through With Love?”

What’s wrong with this picture? On its face: absolutely nothing. A beautiful all-American family. But, what if these people weren’t married? What if this picture had two daddies in it? Or a black mommy and a white daddy, or the family posing in front of a gov­ern­ment housing project? This is the root cause of racism, homophobia and sexism: fear and distrust of persons who do not fit what has come to be thought of as the American norm. We are made to feel like failures should we not achieve this, and deviants should we choose not to desire it. Yet, this is the face of a changing America: the imperfect, the lost, the broken. What should the church's response be?

Jesus offers each of us Complete Love: regardless of our situation, our background,
our ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. “Whoseover will,” He said, “let him come.” (Rev 22:17) The statement is like a declaration of war; rife with audacity in its chal-
lenge to model ourselves not after the world but after Christ. This is what Community means here at Solid Rock: Whosoever Will. Complete Love for All People.

Working Together In Love.

Being the salt of the earth does not mean we exhaust ourselves trying to force Christian principles upon it by political means; it means being living witnesses and teaching the world, through our example, of a better way. The Church’s mission is not to be the arm of God's vengeance; we exist to be the measure of God’s love.

At Solid Rock, we put hands and feet to then love of Jesus Christ through the work we do together:

Couples Ministry  Creative Arts  Men's Ministry  Praise & Worship
Singles Ministry  Spiritual GIfts  Women's Ministry  Youth Ministry